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Our Big Idea

Our mission was to launch a new brand campaign for Hollard Insure, one of South Africa’s largest insurers. Hollard stands out as a specialist insurer, covering various sectors and industries. Their distinctive, down-to-earth human approach sets them apart in the industry and is a big contributor to its success.

In a world where technology has taken over the insurance process, our task was to emphasize the importance of having an insurance partner who truly comprehends your business, right down to the finest details. Hollard believes in the value of personal connections, emphasizing the significance of eye-to-eye interactions and handshakes.

Our campaign aimed to reinstate the idea that having an insurance partner willing to understand your business intricately, one who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and can craft bespoke solutions based on unique needs, is paramount. The slogan, “We make it our business to know your business,” resonates at the heart of our campaign. 

It’s a comforting statement that embodies the commitment we make when we say, “We Are Where You Are.”

Brand Film

Our brand film showcased the various industries that Hollard insures. Whether it’s agriculture, the ever-changing corporate landscape, the detailed orientated work of applied mechanics or humble hobbies that turn into businesses, we reminded our audience that at the heart of business is people and people want to be spoken to in their language. This simple idea drives the film forward, landing the importance of Hollard working with brokers who understand their clients needs intimately. 

Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Farmer
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Mechanic
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Equestrian
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Business Woman

Visual Identity

We crafted a distinctive identity, incorporating unique patterns tailored for each insurance sector. These patterns serve to effortlessly differentiate each sector while establishing an instantly recognisable identity when combining various collateral, both in print and digital formats. The result was a contemporary identity infused with a human touch, echoing the brand’s tone of voice consistently across different mediums.

Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Farmer Print
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Marine Print
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Equestrian Hero
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Corporate Print
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Commercial Hero
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Commercial Print
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Trucking Print
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Personal Lines Hero
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Construction and Engineering Print
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Accident and Health Print
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Travel Print
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Trade and Constructing Print
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Agriculture Outdoor
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Agriculture Social
Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Marine Social

Tactical Digital

Our digital platform was strategically targeted with content tailored to the preferences of the broker audience. The pre-rolls were intentionally kept simple, providing flexibility for various executions across the sectors covered by Hollard in its insurance portfolio.

Hollard Insure - WAWYA - Farmer Hero 2

Hollard Insure – We Are Where You Are

Executive Creative Director – Ana Rocha
Creative Group Head (Art Director) – Thabiso Junior Ntuli
Creative Group Head (Copywriter) – Warrick Sherrell

Strategy Director – Robynne Bisset
Group Account Director – Allistair Khanyi
Project Management Lead – Lerato Mtshali
Post Producer – Wendy Machanik
Production: FORT 
Director: Amr Singh
Photorgraphy: Andile Buka

Strategy • Brand Campaign • Outdoor • Commerce
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