Munkus Business Card

MUNKUS is a South African luxury brand known for its ready-to-wear collections that blend integrity, novelty, and quality. Rooted in a cultural narrative inspired by 80s and 90s South African fashion, the brand strikes a balance between casual and formal wear, offering a unique tone of voice for individuals seeking a bold and timeless style.

The MUNKUS visual identity is at the intersection of a contemporary, vibrant and African design. It communicates the approachability and accessibility of the brand, subtly challenging traditional ideas of luxury branding in today’s world.

High-quality pieces intended to withstand the test of time.
Umtwana Wase Khaya
Munkus Packaging

The brand thread emerges from blending the brand colours together. It embodies the shared principles of MUNKUS, visually capturing the harmony within clothing. This thread serves as an alternate logo, employed when the wordmark isn’t required. It can be animated or used as an accent alongside other brand elements.

Munkus Brand Thread
Brand Font

MUNKUS brings consistency to its messaging through the use of a single font family, particularly employing MonstserratAlternates for headings and concise text sections. This Sans font is chosen for its readability and modern African flair, ensuring uniformity across all media platforms. With eighteen available font weights, it provides versatility while maintaining a visually appealing and clear presentation for longer paragraphs and running text.

Brand Colours
We value versatile and long-lasting clothing.
Inspired by decades of women.
Munkus stacked business cards.
Munkus Business Cards - Colour Options
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